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(Two) software applications plus relevant additional information are accessible on this homepage. One is the league management 'KVL Odds-Liga My 12 Professional', the other is a system software creating criteria-based betting systems. There is also an archive of odds (historical data by the betting exchange Betfair) which can be downloaded.

KVL Odds-Liga My 12 Professional
This league management is mainly aimed at sports betting. It is designed to easily record and process national as well as international team sport results, mainly football. It comes with a readily available database containing more than 400.000 results. For successful sports betting, it is crucially important to have the same information as the bookmakers. This software gives its users just that. Myriads of different functions offer a perfect in-depth view on individual fixtures for multiple markets. What's more, users find support in their weekly decision making by tendencies and tips.

KMD's Odds-Liga L/TE System (Old info/software)
This tool compliments the league management. Everything computer-based in the realm of sports betting (especially betting exchanges like Betfair, but also bookies) that is feasible, is available in this application. Any thoughts about betting markets, or conditions/constraints of particular fixtures that yield maximum profit, can be identified with this software. It is built upon criteria-based systems - it is not the run-of-the-mill betting systems that are introduced more or less frequently, but combinations of criteria of the initial positions of the two teams of a fixture which in the past guaranteed a significant yield, mainly on betting exchanges. Criteria are for instance the points per game of the last 7 home matches of the home team, another one the most recent number of games it took the away team for 3 wins. In addition, the software contains a unique data mining module which can automatically identify profitable combinations. There are examples of such systems available in the column on the right-hand side of this webpage.